As Thailand requires visas for all foreigners, those wanting to train at Habitech should consult the following web sites where more information is provided. Thai Consulates and Embassies abroad and visa requirements at

Habitech will send participants an invitation letter to help them obtain the necessary visa to attend the training. The Government Office Relation of the Asian Institute of Technology can ask Thailand Ministry of Foreign Affairs to inform their corresponding nearest Thai Embassy to issue a visa for a participant. Those requiring assistance to obtain a visa for attending the training need to submit their registration form at least two months prior to the beginning of the training so that they can obtain their visa in time.

For trainees of Nigerian citizenship/passport, we must first obtain an Intelligence Office Approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand before the Thai MOFA Embassies or Consulates will issue them a visa (we were informed by our government relation office that this may take as much as 2 months). Once we get the approval we will send the letter of invitation.

Applicants who have traveled from or through countries that have been declared "Yellow Fever Infected Areas" must provide an International Health Certificate proving that they have received a Yellow Fever vaccination (Tanzania is one of them).

The International Health Certificate must be submitted together with the visa application form. The traveler will also have to present the said certificate to the Immigration Officer upon arrival at the port of entry in the Kingdom of Thailand. As for those nationals of the countries listed below but who have not traveled from/through those countries, such a certificate is not required. However, they should possess concrete evidence showing that their domicile is not in an infected area so as to prevent unnecessary inconvenience.


REQUIREMENTS: This type of visa is issued to applicants who wish to enter the Kingdom for the following purposes

To study, to come on a work study tour or observation tour, to participate in projects or seminars, to attend a conference or training course, to study as a foreign Buddhist monk (Category "ED")


The applicants must submit the following relevant documents depending on the purpose of their vis
      Visa application form completely filled out
      Passport or travel document with validity not less than 6 months. The validity of 18 months is required for one-year visa application. A (4 x 6 cm) photograph of the applicant, taken within the past six months Evidence of adequate finance (20,000 Baht per person and 40,000 Baht per family) Transcript / Letter of acceptance from the concerned schools/universities or institutes ("ED")

      Documents to be submitted for non-immigrant visa application are contingent upon necessities and appropriateness of purposes stated in the application form.

      Consular officers reserve the rights to request additional documents as deemed necessary.

      Copies of company documents must be signed by Board of Directors and affixed the seal of the company.

      In the absence of a required document, a letter explaining the unavailability of such document must be provided.

      The applicant must sign on each page of the copy.

      Documents in foreign languages must be translated into Thai. If translated into English, should be notarized by notary organs or the applicant's diplomatic/ consular mission.


    The visa fee is 2,000 Baht (approx, 60 USD) for single entry.


    Single entry and multiple-entry visas are valid for three months.

    PERIOD OF STAY: The holders of this type of visa are initially granted a period of stay in the Kingdom not exceeding 90 days unless otherwise instructed by the Office of Immigration Bureau.

    ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS Nationals of certain countries are required to apply for a visa only at the Thai Embassy or Consulate-General in their home/residence country or at the designated Thai Embassy. Therefore, travelers are advised to contact the nearest Thai Embassy or Consulate-General to find out where they may apply for a visa to Thailand before departure.